Programme for 4th National OncoSurgery Conference

Programme for Saturday Feb 4, 2011 8:00 – 5:15 pm
Emerald Hall PC Lahore
On desk Registration- (07:30 – 09:00 AM)

Common Hall
09:00am – 10:45am
Session 1     Cancer Breast
Tea Interval
11:00am – 01:00pm
Session 2    Head & Neck Cancer
01:00pm – 02:00pm
Session 3    Cancer Debate
How to improve the Lot of cancer patients
02:00pm – 02:30pm

Hall – A
Hall – B
02:30pm – 03:30pm
Hepato-biliary & Pancreatic Cancers
Gastro-Intestinal Cancers
Tea Interval

         3:45 - 5:00pm

Miscellaneous Cancers
Family physician’s Session
Concluding Ceremony

9:00 to 10:45am
Session 1 Ca Breast  Common Hall

Prof. Abul Fazal Ali Khan
Co- Chairman
Prof. Lateef Aftab
Dr. Tayyab Abbas

09:00- 09:10am
Breast cancer Subtypes based on ER/PR and Her2 expression in Pakistani women:
Comparison of Clinicopathological features and survival.
Syed Muhammad Ali Bukhari1
09:10- 09:20am
Advances in the surgical management of Ca Breast
Dr.  Amna Khan
Mangement of locally advanced Ca Breast
Prof. Arshad Cheema
Is seeing is believing. Discripency in tumor size on imaging and on histopathology in bqeastcancer
Dr. Huma Majeed
Role of Neo adjuvant chemo-radiotherapy in Ca Breast
Dr. Abubakar Shahid
Awareness and understanding of disease among hospitalized cancer partients in Pakistan
Dr. Nouman Arif Jadoon
10:00- 10:10am
Institutional  experience of sentinel lymph node biopsy in pakistani women
Syed Muhammad Ali Bukhari1 ,Irfan Haider2
10:10- 10:20am
Knowledge, attitude & practices
among nurses towards breast cancer in a
in tertiary care hospital of Lahore
                Dr. Muhammad Zeeshan Sarwar

10:20- 10:30am
Effect of surgery on psychological distress in women with breast cancer
Dr.Mansoor Hussain
10:30 – 10:40am
Breast Cancer Risk Factors In
Pakistani Women: A Case Control
Dr.Faheem Usman Sulehri
Question and Answer

10:45 -11:00am
Tea Break

11:00 - 1:00pm
Session 2       Head and Neck Cancers        Common Hall

Prof. Azhar Hameed
Co- Chairman
Dr. Afsar Ali Bhatti
Dr. Amir Bhutta

11:00 – 11:10am
An experience of neck dissection in cases of ca oral cavity
Brig. Zubair Ahmad
11:10 – 11:20am
10 years experience of partial
Prof. Rashid Zia
11:20 – 11:30am
Head and neck Malignancies: Other options..&
Double paddle radial forearm free
flap for through and through cheek defects following resection of ca oral cavity
Col. Sadaqat Janjua PS CMH

11:30 – 11:40am
Maxillary sinus tumors
 Dr. Nabeela
11:40 – 11:50am
Management of carcinoma tongue
Prof.  Riaz wariach
11:50 – 12:00pm
Outcome of Head and neck cancer in Pakistan
Dr. Arif Jamshed (SKCH)
12:00 – 12:10pm
Experience of some uncommon and unusual head and neck cancers
Prof. Naveed Aslam
12:10 – 12:20am
Survival outcome of salivary gland tumors in SKMCH : 8 years review
Dr. Raza Husain
12:20 – 12:30am
Voice restoration after total laryngectomy
Prof. Mujeeb
12:30 – 12:40pm
Head And Neck Cancer
Dr. Nouman/ Dr Hameed
12:40 – 12:50pm
Comparison of efficacy of CO2 laser with cutting diathermy in surgical excision of early carcinoma tongue

12:50 – 01:00pm
Question and answer

Session 3 Grand Debate / Inauguration

Chief Guest
Prof. Ijaz Ahsan/Prof.Masood Butt
Guest of Honor
Secretary Health
Guest of Honor
DG Health
Prof. Abul Fazal Ali Khan
Secretary Health

Dr. Zahid Pervaiz (DG Health)

Prof. Mhammad Arshad Cheema (President SOS-Pk)

Prof. Ijaz Ahsan

Prof. Masood Butt

Prof. Asad Aslam (VC KEMU)

Prof. Riaz Waraich (KEMU)

Dr. Faisal Sultan (Director SKCMH)

Dr. Waqar Haider (Director INMOL)

Dr. Arif Jamshaid (SKMCH)

Prof. Zafar Ali Ch (AIMC)

Prof. Aslam Shah(PMS)

Dr. Naeem Akhtar (Uk)

Prof. Azhar Hameed(KEMU)

Prof. Sarfraz Ahmad(SIMS)

Prof. Masood Rasheed(AIMC)

Prof. Zahid Niaz (AIMC)

2:00 – 2:30pm

02:30pm – 03:30pm
Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic Cancers   Session 4  Hall – A

Prof. Khalid Durrani
Co- Chairman
Prof. Babar Mannan
Dr. Mansab

2:30 – 2:40pm
Advances in the management of Hepatobiliary Ca.
Dr Amir Lateef
2:40 – 2:50pm
Liver Resection: Experience at Jinnah Hospital Lahore
Dr Arif Khawaja
2:50 – 3:00pm
Experience of surgery for pancreatic tumors
Prof Zafar Ali Ch
3:00 – 3:10pm
Malignant obstructive jaundice at SZH
Dr. Imran Anwar
3:10 – 3:20pm
Is malignant bile duct obstruction a surgical emergency
Dr Ahmer Irfan(Uk)
3:20- 3:30
Q  And A  Session

02:30pm – 03:30pm
Gastro intestinal Cancers   Session 5  Hall - B

Prof. Kahlid M. Gondal
Co- Chairman
Prof. Zafar  Ali Ch
Dr. Asghar Naqi

2:30 – 3:30pm
Adapting and implementing NCCN guidelines with available resources.
Prof. Abul Fazal Ali khan
2:30 – 2:40pm
Management of esophageal Carcinoma
Dr Harun javed
2:40 – 2:50pm
Is palliative surgery the best option for advanced Ca stomach
Prof. Zahid Niaz
2:50 – 3:00pm
TME in Colorectal Cancers
Dr. Shahid Khatak
3:00 – 3:10pm
Cilinical presentation of colorectal carcinoma in tertiary care hospitals
Prof. Aslam Shah
3:10 – 3:20pm
Role of neoadjuvant radiation in colorectal ca
Dr Syed Athar Kazmi
3:20- 3:30
Palliative gastrojejunostomy
Dr. Ibrar Ashraf

3:45: 4:45pm
Miscellaneous Cancers           Session 6  Hall – A

Prof. Sadaqat Ali Khan
Co- Chairman
Dr. Haroon Rafi
Dr. Azeem

3:45: 3:55pm
Recent advances in the management of Ca Bladder
Dr. Naeem Akhtar
3:55: 4:05pm
Endonasal transphenoidal excision of pituitary adenoma: Our experience at JHL
Prof.  Zafar Iqbal
4:05: 4:15pm

Parotidectomy. 8 years experience at tertiary care hospital
Prof. Syed Aslam Shah
4:15: 4:25pm
Marjolin’s Ulcer: A preventable carcinoma arising from chronic wounds and scars
Prof. Moazzam Nazir Tarar
4:25: 4:35pm
Surgical management of malignant pleural effusion.4 years experience at tertiary care hospital
Lt. Col. Dr. Asaf Asghar.
4:35: 4:45pm
Retroperitoneal tumors: Experience at SIMS Lahore
Prof. Sadaqat Ali Khan
4:45: 4:55pm
Pattern of Gynaecological malignancies in tertiary care hospital.
Dr. Saira Younas.
4:55: 5:05pm
Concept of surgical residents about palliative acre
Dr. Mansoor Husain

3:45: 4:45pm
Family Physician      Session 7  Hall – B

Prof. Masood Rasheed
Co- Chairman
Dr. Samina Khokhar
Dr. Ehsan-ur-Rehman

3:45: 3:55pm
Colorectal Carcinoma
Prof. Zafar ali Ch
3:55: 4:05pm
Carcinoma Breast
Dr. Samina Khohkar
4:05: 4:15pm
Urological malignancies
Prof. Saleem Akhtar
4:15: 4:25pm
Carcinoma Cervix
Prof. Amtulah Zareen
4:25: 4:35pm
Follow up for Lymphoma Patients
Prof. Hasan
4:35: 4:45pm
Upper GI diseases
Prof. Zahid Niaz
4:45: 4:55pm
Ca Oral cavity
Prof. Riaz Waraich
Concluding session